Joint Replacement Surgery in India: Common Misconceptions

It’s believed that a huge percentage of Indian population suffering from chronic joint pain have never consulted a joint health specialist, and a major amount of people who are diagnosed are not getting proper treatment for their affliction. Over half of the patients who could really benefit from a total joint replacement procedure simply do not go for it, suffering in pain unnecessarily.

There are a lot of misconceptions about joint replacement issues across the country. Many people still think that joint problems are limited only to the elderly. Following are some of the more prominent mistaken beliefs we Indians are known to harbour about joint replacement:


  • Not old enough: If you’re 50 years old or above and joint pain is stopping you from enjoying an optimum quality of life, you are perfectly eligible to get relief. Today, incredible scientific advances in prosthetics have made it possible to elongate the lifespan of prosthetic joints. It has made replacement a viable and attractive option, even for younger people. Although there are no assurances of prosthetic joints and there may arise a need for another replacement later in life, there are new joints which are intended to last for up to 20 years; while the technology is continuously advancing.
  • Can’t afford the time: There is this niggling worry that getting recovered from a joint replacement procedure will take up too much of one’s time, but with the rapid advances in science, it’s quite possible to get back home and get back to doing what you enjoy doing sooner than you can imagine. Further advances in anesthesia, surgical technology, and the management of pain have made recover even faster.
  • Anxiety about joint surgery: Having little knowledge about joint surgery can contribute to a lot of fear and anxiety among sufferers. It’s when one learns what to expect in joint replacement procedure, the anxiety dips and there is more confidence. The fact of the matter is that joint replacement surgery in most cases is minimally invasive and highly successful due to a number of elements.

It’s important to set all misinformation and misconceptions aside in order to take a step towards effective and lasting pain relief from joint pain. If you’re looking for procedures like Dislocation Shoulder Surgery, Knee-Ligament Surgery, or an Arthroscopy Surgeon in Mumbai, then you can contact Dr. A. M. Rajani today!


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